The Children’s House staff is comprised of qualified childcare professionals with a trained Montessori teacher in each classroom. The staff is overseen by an Executive Director who manages the operations of the school under the direction of the Board of Trustees.

Coleen D’Alessandro



The greater part of my professional career I was employed by the County of Essex. In those 26 years I was given a number of responsibilities including; Director of the Department of Public Works, which oversees all county roads, bridges and buildings; Assistant Director of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs and the Deputy County Administrator. While in the Parks Department one of my assignments was to coordinate the 26 day camp programs held throughout the County. I enjoyed that so much that my goal, for the future, was to return to some type of work with young children. I am so excited to now have that opportunity to be working with The Children’s House family of children, teachers and parents. The Children’s House is a wonderful, enriching, Montessori environment for all our students and it is my pleasure to serve as the director. I grew up in Chicago, moved to Montclair and after I was married to my husband ,Greg, we moved to Verona, where I have lived, and raised out two sons ever since. After leaving the County of Essex I spent a number of successful years in Real Estate and still keep myself involved in that. I have enjoyed volunteering for many school, church and civic organizations. I am excited about my opportunity to be a part of the new beginnings each day at The Children’s House.

Board of trustees

The objective of the Board of Trustees, comprised of tuition paying parents who serve without compensation, is to direct the school in pursuit of a positive education in a Montessori context for preschool children.

Ivan Arocho


Jasmine Madiou

vice president

Adrienne Himmelberger


Chris Kiel


Jackie Moore

Hospitality/Class Representative

Kris Wight

Playground Committee Chair

Jeryl Nalupta

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  • Mary Clarke

    Head Teacher

    Mary Clarke holds an Early Childhood Montessori Credential from North American Montessori Center (NAMC). She began first as a TCH parent, then as an assistant, and now as a teacher. She feels blessed to have been a head teacher here for the past 10 years. She now has four adult children and one grandchild.

  • Gina Roman

    Head Teacher

    Gina Roman holds an Early Childhood Montessori Credential from CMTS. She has been teaching Montessori for over 18 years. She has a daughter in Middle School, she’s president of her local parent/school association and enjoys coaching cheering, softball and basketball.

  • Ann Sheehan-Langrock

    Head Teacher

    Ann Sheehan-Langrock received her Early Childhood AMI Credential in Sion Hill, Ireland and holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Fordham University. She has been teaching in Montessori schools for 12 years. She has two children, one in high school and one at university.

  • Mary Helen Camporeale

    Assistant Teacher

    Mary Helen Camporeale holds an Early Childhood Montessori credential from The North American Montessori Center (NAMC) and has been active at The Children’s House for 9 years. She began as a parent, served on the Board of Trustees, worked in administration, and is now an assistant teacher. She has three children who are in elementary and middle school.

  • Carole L. Miller

    Assistant Teacher

    Carole L. Miller is currently pursuing her Early Childhood Montessori credential from the Princeton Center for Teacher Education (PCTE). Almost five years ago, she began the transition out of corporate America to pursue her dream of teaching. She has been with The Children’s House for four years in the office and as an assistant. Traces of her passion for crafts can be found in every classroom.

  • Terry Trabalka

    Assistant Teacher

    Terry Trabalka holds her Montessori Assistant Teacher certification from CMTE. She has worked in The Children’s House for 10 years as an assistant and oversees the lunch program. Her love for outdoor exercise keeps her energized in the classroom. She is also a proud mother of 3 sons.

  • Claire Tennis

    Head Teacher

    Claire Tennis holds an Early Childhood Montessori credential from the Westside Montessori School Teacher Education Program. Her experiences travelling have shown her how all children hold unique qualities, but also have so much in common.

  • Stacey Weisser

    Assistant Teacher

    Stacey Weisser began as a TCH parent, which sparked her love for the Montessori Method. She has been a part of our school in several capacities for the past seven years. She has many opportunities here to share her passion for gardening, cooking, and travelling with the children.

  • Gail Mascera

    Assistant Teacher

    Gail Mascera has sixteen years experience in various roles as a Teacher's Assistant, Personnel Aide and Classroom Aide in the public school system. Gail is excited to learn about the Montessori method of teaching. She has two adult children.

  • Johanna Luzak

    Assistant Teacher

  • Jeryl Nalupta

    Assistant Teacher

  • Christa Carlucci

    Music Teacher